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It is a known fact that we are all different creatures with different tradition/culture. Also, the philosophy of one another varies. While we have people that are much passionate about others, we also have people around us that are only interested in making themselves comfortable and happy to always use other people to achieve their aim either in a good manner or not, their own interested is to have a good result.

It is natural that some of us shall experience manipulation at some point or another, and commonly the manipulation will be performed by those with narcissistic traits which means people that attempt to manipulate often do so by playing on other people’s emotions.

It is obvious that the self-obsessed people are the ones who manipulate others for their own gain and concerns. Regardless of it coming through harmful and evil ways, these cunning people make use of psychological knowledge to control others. However, for you to maintain a good mental health, you need to understand these people and  work it out.

Here are 7 signs to know if you're being manipulated:

1. When you're being force to talk about yourself first in a discussion: These set of people are always cunning in nature and would disturb you to tell them about yourself so that they can take out your weakness and nail you with it. If you noticed this, part away with such request and don't make yourself their victim.

2. They are egocentric in nature: Those that manipulate other people always possess egocentric trait. They are always interested in being self-centered and make you feel like they're the best. These people will continue to stand out on issues and portray themselves like a perfect nature. Just pay attention to how they speaks. Therein, you will realise that they can’t stop talking about themselves and they over-emphasize their actions in relation to the story making to think they're better than you.

3. They have history of manipulating others:  Those people that are good in manipulating people are always known with their negative attitudes. People will always refer to their fake way of life and bring out their past wrongdoings. People will always see them as people that spread rumours about others around and lie about people. Be mindful when dealing with these people whilst remain positive and confident while sending positivity and encouragement to these types of individuals. This could be the difference in changing their perspective along with their behavior.

4. They play with people's emotions: Manipulators are always ready to play with people's emotions just to derive pleasure. They walk into people's life as good one just to achieve their personal needs and walk out when done. These people can arrange people that will serve the purpose of their interest and once satisfied, they care no more. So, you need to know the rationale beneath some people's attitude to you so that you won't be manipulated in the long run.

5. They makes you feel guilt: Manipulators rarely allocate blames to themselves in any circumstances. Rather they will do anything possible they can to keep you feeling confused and weak. Often times, they do this by scrambling your brain with weird apologies and guilt. They makes you feel you're wrong in whatever you do with them and deserves your apology. They won't accept responsibility of their action instead make it look like you're the one that made mistakes. Don't get yourself confused, always know what you do with people, any time you notice this type of behavior, keep yourself safe.

6. They put pressure on people: Manipulators will disturb you to their satisfaction. They will pressurize you on others to make them snap under stress and take wrong decisions. They won't listen to your excuse but rather stand on their feet to see you do their wish even at your discomfort zone. Be yourself and don’t let them do this to you.

7. They always feel accomplished and superior: These people will make you inferior and sounds like a boss to you. They can’t bear it when they come across someone who is more accomplished and successful than themselves, they won't be happy hence downplay those achievements and make it seems they're more accomplished than that.